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What we are and what we are not

It might not sound logical, but we will start by explaining what WE ARE NOT.

It might not sound logical, but we will start by explaining what we are not.

We are not a news media organization or entity. That said, we will cover current world events, but we will do so mainly to analyze, with the utmost accuracy, those related to Palestinian affairs.

We will not only cover Palestinian events, but we will do our best to bring to you details about Palestine’s history, society, politics, and culture… about its contribution to science, music, literature, cinematography; in summary: about Palestine’s legacy to the world.

It is not our intention to look down on any other culture in the world. We do not tolerate any form of terrorism, independently of where it might come from.

We DO promote Palestinian heritage. Our mission here is to show to the world how rich and diverse Palestinian life experiences can be, and, at the same time, contribute to the safeguarding and spreading of Palestine’s cultural heritage throughout the world; but, above all, analyze our community’s most relevant events. We will do so from a firm and respectful approach on all issues; from the rigor of believing that the world needs to leave prejudices behind and begin to comprehend, TRULY comprehend, what Palestine means, not only for the Middle East, but for the entire world.

To accomplish our goal, we must listen to all voices; we must favor dialogue and we must recognize cross-culture ideas and ideals.

Another one of our goals is to be a unique platform where people may discover what Palestina’s history and culture truly are.

We are firmly committed to gather a group of experts on the topic at heart, so that we can offer a haven for their studies, insights, and analyses. We believe that knowledge must be disseminated, and that human beings will only empathize with what they are familiar with, i.e.: other people, ideas, causes, etc.

We want Palestine to be known to the world.

We are not a magazine, we are a community, your community.

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