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No. Sorry. They are not “collateral damage.”

“No. Sorry. They are not “collateral damage” they are human beings who happen to have been born there and live there…”

Mark Ruffalo, American actor, renowned for his portrayal of the Hulk in the Avengers series, reacted to a statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a publication by Huff Post magazine. Netanyahu had asserted, “The Palestinian civilians, as happens in every legitimate war, are sometimes what are called collateral damage,” regarding the destruction of Gaza by its military.

Ruffalo took to X to express his disagreement, stating, “No. Sorry. They are not “collateral damage” they are human beings who happen to have been born there and live there and most of those human beings are stuck there. Have some compassion, they are Palestinians not buildings or roads or things, they are human beings and so are the hostages whose lives you may also be destroying. They aren’t ‘collateral damage’ either.”

It’s noteworthy that Netanyahu has appeared on various news programs discussing Israel’s month-long siege of Gaza, which human rights experts have labeled as ethnic cleansing. Since violence escalated on October 7, over 11,100 Palestinians, primarily women and children, have been reported killed by Gaza’s Health Ministry. Thousands of individuals remain trapped beneath the debris of demolished buildings and homes, while millions have been displaced, compelled to relocate to Gaza refugee camps that, unfortunately, have also fallen victim to Israeli bombings.

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